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My Shield

MY SHIELD If you are going through a wilderness experience, you don’t have to go through it alone. God has promised to be with you through the waters and through the fire, but this can only be possible if you have Him as your Shield.In this book, you will discover the truths about God being a Shield to His children. My Shield is not a theory, but a life experience and a living testimony of healing, restoration, and transformation. You will be inspired and equipped on what it means for God to be your Shield.God wants to and will always be your Shield, but you must be determined to make Him your shield and remain under His covering.

The Secret Place

Everyday people everywhere are in search of a way out of the challenges of life. The solution is
not too far, it is right where you are only if you can connect with the power within. For “what is
before us is not greater than what is within us” only if we can find the time to connect.
Take a journey of divine encounter through the “Secret Place Devotional” it will be an
unforgettable experience.

These 40 days of divine encounter will give you the knowledge and wisdom needed to connect to the only solution to all life's problems – Jesus Christ. It does not matter the situation; in Christ you are more than a conqueror and you don’t have to suffer defeat again. If you stay connected, each encounter with God will surely impact you and make you HUNGRY for more of Him!
No more searching stay connected to the power within You. It is your turn to testify.